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About Business Model Canvas Tool

Business Model Canvas Tool is an application for creating, saving and exporting business model canvas online.

It's designed to allow business developers and entrepreneurs to create their business models in an easy and visual way with a few clicks. No register or login required. Creating a canvas is simple and free, forever.

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  • Create as many business model canvas as you want, without limits and free, forever
  • Export your business models to PDF without watermarks or ads. The canvas is yours!
  • Customize your business model canvas online. Changing the color or the title.
  • Your canvas will be stored in your browser even if you haven't registered. We don't want you to loose your time.
  • The business model canvas tool is designed to be easy and free. No login or register is required to access the app.
  • If you create an account, you can save your models to access them from everywhere.

Other features

What is a Business Model Canvas?

A Business Model Canvas is a visual way of representing a business model. It's very useful to analyze how a company or a business creates value.

It describes value or product propositions, cost structure, relationships with customers and revenue streams, among others.

It was initially proposed by Alexander Osterwalder, a Swiss business theorist and entrepreneur.